FIX NEO 1200 DX Blue

#30352 includes phosphor filter

#30352 includes phosphor filter

FIX NEO 1200 DX Blue - Experience the dynamic colors of underwater fluorescence!

Fix NEO 1200 DX Blue:
The NEO Blue Light emits a unique blue light frequency to excite proteins in many marine subject to create unique florescent video and photo opportunities. 

See what you can do with your with your FIX NEO Blue.
Gallery below provided by Kevin Deacon and Alex Tattersal where noted.

Add Blue to any NEO light:

The Blue Light Head can be attached to any NEO model. Making the florescent experience less expensive without having to purchase a dedicated florescent 

Three buttons give total control over the light. Press the round button to power the light on. Press again to cycle between 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% power. Hold the button to turn the light off. The right and left buttons can be used to increase and decrease the light output in 1% increments. There is also a lock switch to use while traveling, and by pushing the power button at the same time as the left or right button, you can access SOS and flashing modes for emergency use.

The Neo lights can be charge two ways; conveniently through the back of the light leaving the NEO sealed or by removing the battery to charge independantly. Charge one set of batteries while you're using another set. Swap batteries between dive to keep shooting throughout your day. The light module and battery are sealed independently and are water resistant.

Surface Use:
The NEO can be used on the surface. It has an automatic power reduction mode when the light gets hot so you do not have to worry about damaging the light while preparing for a night dive, or after getting out of the water.

Burn Time:90 min.
Beam Angle:100°
Charge Time:2 hours
Swappable Battery:Yes
Battery Capacity:3,100 mAh
Adjustment:1% or 25% steps
Depth Rating:100 meters
Size:55dia x L117mm
Weight:345g Air
Mounts Included:YS, Ball, Locline