FIX Neo 1000 Mini SW

FIX Neo Mini 1000 SW - The FIX Neo Mini series represents the Next Generation of compact video lights; dual Spot/Wide beams, interchangeable battery, and micro USB recharging.

The perfect compact video lighting companion. This new iteration of the Neo Mini features a video pleasing 1000 lumens of white light in a 95° beam angle providing great coverage for today’s wide-angle lenses. A single press of the Neo Mini’s control button and the beam angle switches to a 25° spot beam to isolate the lighting pattern for dynamic macro results. The Neo Mini is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery system that can be swapped with a fully charged battery between dives. Dive ready at a minuscule 160g, the Neo Mini rounds out with an automatic shut-off feature when a strobe flash is detected, SOS mode and distress mode. All-together, the FIX Neo Mini 1000 SW is the perfect lighting solution to any video genesis.

Two Beams - One Light
The FIX Neo Mini 1000 SW has a beautiful 95° wide beam cast in even arching smooth beam with no hotspots or edge drop-off. A pair of Mini’s provide an excellent solution for most of todays demanding wide-angle lenses. From action camera to DLSR, a dual lighting with the Mini 1000’s SW’s wide beams provides the coverage to get the video of your dreams.

Spot mode made easy! Just a single press of the Neo’s control button and Neo’s beam angle switches from 95° to 25° 600 lumen spot beam, perfect for macro video. The Mini’s narrow spot beam works to isolate small subjects from their background. Leaving the background of your composition unlit and dark provides excellent contrast to highlight the foreground subject.

USB Charging with CR123 Back Up
What easier way to travel and charge your Neo Mini's 18650
Li-ion battery than with the world standard Micro-USB connectivity. Charge the battery from your laptop, with a wall adapter, or any other standard USB connector. That's one less specialized charger to pack and travel with. And in the event you want more run time or need back up, the Mini's battery pack can be replaced with two common CR123 batteries.



Lumens:600 Spot / 1000 Wide
Burn Time (min.):100 Spot / 90 Wide
Beam Angle:25° Spot / 95° Wide
Charge Time:2.5 - 4 Hours
Swappable Battery:Yes
Battery Type:18650 Li-ion or 2x CR123
Adjustment:25% steps
Depth Rating:100 meters
Size:W38 x H40 x L144mm
Weight:160g Air
Mounts Included:YS Mount

Battery Status Indicator
Highly visible and easy to read, the Neo Mini's battery status indicator needs only a glance to know if its ready to dive. The indicator status, green/red/flashing, indicates approximately how much run time is remaining to keep you shooting, not guessing.


Surface Use:
The Neo can be used on the surface. It has an automatic power reduction mode when the light gets hot so you do not have to worry about damaging the light while preparing for a night dive or after finishing the and exiting the water.

Color options may vary by country.