Aquavolt Models

Aquavolt 5000 Mini - Small is the new bright.

Aquavolt 5000 Mini Video Light:
The all new Aquavolt Mini 5000, an underwater video light that strikes the perfect balance between power, size, and cost. A single CREE CX2540 LED fueled by a Quad-Li-ion power pack products 5000 lumen punch is a tiny 565g package.

Three buttons give total control over the light. Press the round button to power the light on. Press again to cycle between 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% power. Hold the button to turn the light off. The right and left buttons can be used to increase and decrease the light output in 1% increments. There is also a lock switch to use while traveling, and by pushing the power button at the same time as the left or right button, you can access SOS and flashing modes for emergency use.

Removable Battery:
The Aquavolt Mini 5000 has a removable battery. Designed for the demanding videographer a removable battery is essential. Spare batteries can be charging during your dive. Then, during your surface interval, easily swap in a fully charged battery to making the Aquavolt ready for the next dive. The battery compartment is sealed using a double o-ring design making water intrusion all but impossible. 

The Aquavolt 5000 Mini includes a YS mount, ball mount, and Loc-Line adapter, and a handle to hold the light.

Burn Time:55 min. (High)
Beam Angle:100 Degrees
Charge Time:2 hours max
Swappable Battery:Yes
Battery Capacity:3,400 mAh
Adjustment:25% steps
Battery Indicator:Yes
Depth Rating:150 meters
Size:W56 x L130mm
Weight:565g Air
Mounts Included:Ball, Locline, YS